About Us

Vision & Approach



Our vision is to introduce mindfulness tools and techniques into the business world; to create a world of conscious and well nourished, energised individuals who can do three core things:-

1. think more intuitively and consciously – delivers purpose, kindness and respect

2. collaborate with creativity and connection – delivers better products and teams

3.  solve problems intuitively – delivers a wiser culture and a better world to live in.




We teach people “Zenfulness” in business.

Zenful Problem Solving. Zenful Leadership. Zenful Communication. Zenful Mindset. Zenful Self-care. Zenful Resilience and more.

Zenful Business was founded by Debbie Pask – who has a background in corporate advertising, mindfulness and energy medicine. Combining a healthy energised approach with the world of business – to create an ‘energy rich’ culture is the key to a successful and happy working life.

What is Zenfulness?

It’s that deeper intuitive & energetic space where you feel in the zone, plugged in and connected to yourself, your team and your projects. You access a higher level of thinking and performance. You are more conscious and in tune with your work projects.

Zenfulness requires mastering skills and tools that go way beyond the usual business practice.
We design coaching programs for YOU because we believe that every person has a unique need. We specialise in the key areas below so check out what you need to inspire your Business Life.

Areas of Expertise

  • Career and Purpose Coaching
  • Mindfulness and Flow at Work
  • Authentic & Integrated Leadership
  • Work/Life Coaching
  • Small Business Coaching and Vision
  • Stress Management and Burnout Recovery

Benefits of Zenfulness at work

  • Getting in the zone means you thrive at work because you’re fluid, earthed and switched on to your central energy source
  • Thought and innovation increases delivering better decisions and reactions to business challenges
  • You work more creatively and collaboratively as you are thinking in multiple layers and dimensions
  • Your physical body thrives giving you more energy and charge to your day
  • You thrive at home because your stress at work does not filter through so easily
  • You tap into the X Factor (that void where magic happens) giving you a leading edge