"Debbie adds value to my business by seeing things and hearing things from my team that I am unaware of or neglecting. She has an incredible gift for understanding what’s really going in people’s heads and hearts. I have never met someone so good at going from right to left brain as the situation or conversation demands. Debbie helps me strip away lots of noise and get clarity and focus. She is very good at helping me restore balance in my life. She gets to the heart of the matter very quickly, and provides a crystal clear action plan that you know is right."

PHILIP SHAW, Director of Cleverclicks, Global Online Marketing Company


"Debbie is really a one in a million coach who effortlessly bridges both personal and professional challenges. She is a highly experienced strategic thinker who can quickly grasp complex systems and dynamics. At the same time she is also a creative and intuitive whizz, finely tuned to the personal. Her ability to see the big picture without losing sight of logistics and systems means she can facilitate swift seamless transformation – both personal and professional with her ‘zenful magic’. Brilliant for business coaching, personal coaching and everything in between.”

CLAUDIA CHAMBERS, Musician, Performer and Positive Psych Coach


"A beautiful, intuitive, supportive spirit is Debbie Pask but what turned me on to her was the fact that she has a deep understanding through her own life experiences of the highest highs of the corporate environment to goddess in the spiritual realm. Whilst her courses assist you in finding your own inner guidance…."

ROBERT BONNICK, Entrepreneur and Owner of Social-Laneway Espresso


"Debbie is a very rare mix of a being a very commercially astute person / spirituality attuned / all-round special individual. In the 2 years I have been working with Debbie as my business coach I have achieved projects that in the past I would have only dreamed of. I have refereed clients, family and friends to Debbie without hesitation as she is a very special person and it’s amazing what you can achieve with her in your corner."

GEREMY GLEW, Director of Placed Recruitment Sydney


"I have been working with Debbie for over a year now, and in this time she has helped me improve the systems, processes, and operational areas within the business, improve cash flow issues and set a clear purpose and strategic plan…"



Debbie is AMAZING!!! Her services were a gift from a dear friend and I have to admit it’s the best and most relevant gift I have ever received. I went to Debbie with only one desire and that was to break out of my current career and find the career that would fulfill me; the career I'd be passionate about. I couldn’t pinpoint what I truly desired in a career and I had no idea how to get there, or where to even begin. I was lost. From the first 10 minutes of my initial session with Debbie, I was so energized and excited by possibilities. In a world of so many “No’s” and “I can’t’s” and negative self-talk, Debbie is an oasis of confidence, empowerment, and love. She not only helped me focus my career goals and feel amazing about them but she helped me realize my full potential and why I had been holding myself back from achieving it. Only A few months, and a few sessions, after my first meeting with Debbie, I am solidly on my ultimate Career path, as well as on the path to achieving my true purpose. She is an intuitive, strong, wise, empowering and supportive Professional who not only leads you to discern your career purpose but also strategically and realistically helps you achieve it!

It’s clear she has found her calling, now you just have to let her help you find yours!

KRISTEN LEIGH CONKLIN, Photographer, Artist and Humanitarian, United States, 2017


Debbie, you have helped me with;
- Getting into the zone, being highly productive with a focused mindset - before I was easily distracted.
- Recognizing the necessity for being nurtured to help recharged to maintain my work/life balance.
- Acknowledging 'negative' feelings (as part of me) rather than trying to escape them / snuff them out.
- Developing my leadership qualities - managing up, planning milestones, team reviews, delegation and conflict resolution
- Formulating a value based blueprint for myself (which is an ongoing work-in-progress)
- Recognizing the importance of developing an identity outside of work 

ANTHONY, SEO Digital Strategist, South Africa 2017



I have worked with Debbie for the past few years as what you would traditionally call a coaching capacity. However, it’s SO MUCH MORE  than that and I feel that it undersells what her work actually is. It’s about who you are and what purpose your professional life brings to your own life and how they interact. It’s about

bringing what’s truly on the inside of you to the outside and manifesting it a very real way that - when it happens - you wonder how it was ever not what it is. 

Debbie’s expertise, guidance and also ruthlessness (in a good way) has led me to be able to get on the path that’s where I always wanted to be. Our monthly catch ups keep me in check in a way that no other colleague or friend can do. 

As a freelancer there’s not a lot of opportunity to check in with others about your work and where you want to go - how you challenge yourself and your ideas. Working with Debbie gives me that check in that’s needed so that I continue on the path that I want to be on and also challenge myself and ideas that may not be beneficial to me. In the past 3 years I have doubled my weekly income, found the work I loved to do, created space for my passions and created a life that I really love and am grateful for. I doubt I would have found that inner voice without the work I have done with Debbie. 

JUSTINE, Filmmaker, Sydney Australia 2017