Zen Business Retreat – 2 Days

Supercharge your Value, Performance and Leadership at work

Train with three experienced facilitators and teachers to:-

  • Connect deeply with your purpose and translate that value at work
  • Soar through work with energy, resilience and peak performance
  • Lead yourself and others with awareness, authenticity, responsibility and courage

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Purpose, Flow and Leadership Workshop

Build power and flow in your personal and working life. Debbie Pask, Claudia Chambers and Britta van Dyk will take you on a shared journey into:

Performance, Purpose, Leadership Triangle


Drawing on the latest in positive psychology, mindfulness approaches, peak performance science and leadership impact, we have combined our passions to create a two-day personalised retreat for a select group… all designed to super-charge your inner entrepreneur. Bridging the personal and the commercial, we look at:

PURPOSE with Debbie Pask. Access and translate your unique value and purpose into a commercially viable and meaningful proposition. Get magnetic results in your business life.  

PERFORMANCE with Claudia Chambers.Find your flow. Learn the latest research from positive psychology, sports science and performance psychology so that you can balance work and life with positive energy, focus and passsion.

LEADERSHIP with Britta van DykBuild your awareness, intent and approach to get the best from yourself and your team. Integrating the fundamental leadership qualities of Authentic, Responsible, and Courageous, and some practical leadership impact tools will set you up for success over the long term.

Our Zen Business Retreat is a first of its kind to help you become the best version of yourself – in life and in business.



DATES: TBC (includes pre-workshop exercises before the two days)

LOCATION: Sydney Quarantine Station (limited 16 people)

COST: $1,590 – Contact Debbie Pask debbie@zenfulbusiness.com.au or 0419 251 655 to book your place

 Our Values & Approach

– Experiential – you practice what we teach
– Personalised – you apply everything to YOU so it has meaning
– Flowing – we oscillate between yin & yang to keep you energised
– Fun – this is not a ‘heady’ corporate experience
– Expansive – we design our material to expand your inner being

* The entire 2 days is all about YOUR journey; not a one-size fits all workshop


DebbiePask cropped hi res  1. Personal Brand and Purpose – with Debbie Pask (Entrepreneur, Author & Business Coach)

Engage on a deeper level and supercharge your efforts with our personal branding and purpose exercise. Work out your core qualities and gifts. Find out why you do what you do so you can broadcast your value clearly and effectively to others. Tap into your intuitive self for more innovation, creativity and decision making power.

This section is all about FLOWING on BRAND, PURPOSE and VALUE
CONTENT for those information junkies:
i) Personal Brand Exercise – build your inner vision and blueprint
ii) Tagline and Purpose process – Establish clearly why you are here and what value you have in your workplace
iii) Station Message and UX (user experience) – define and communicate your value by bridging your inner world of  purpose to the outer world of business. Be confident in your business niche or station (what people get when they arrive at your train station)
iv) Heart Entrainment – the latest consciousness science that will build your working intelligence and engagement


Photo for website  2. Performance & Recovery – with Claudia Chambers (Positive Psych Coach, Teacher/Trainer & Musician)

Learn to balance peak performance with rest and recovery to stay vital and well.

 This section is all about PERFORMING with WELLNESS and BALANCE
CONTENT for those information junkies:
i) Ideal Performance State – how to practice peak performance and balance that with rest and recovery for optimum results and well-being
ii) Flow State – learn about what positive psychology calls the FLOW STATE and how you can increase your personal FLOW CHANNEL
iii) PERMA Model – the emergence of Positive Psychology over recent years has signalled a switch from ‘what is wrong with us’ to ‘what is right with us’. Learn how the PERMA model is relevant for your work, family and friendships. 
iv) Sustainable work/life balance model – Avoid burnout by creating your own personal recovery rituals and learn how to live with clarity


people-britta-vandyk-013. Integrated Leadership – with Britta van Dyk (Organisational Psychologist, Leadership Facilitator & Yogi)

Feel what it is like to lead from a conscious and authentic place. Establish the art of leading yourself, which sets you up for being a leader of people.  How you connect and relate in the business world, from a deep place of awareness, can transform your working life.

This section is all about MATCHING INTENT with OUTPUT in the way you LEAD
CONTENT for those information junkies:
i) ARC Leadership – Establish what it means to consciously manage your impact so that your intent matches what you do and how you are perceived by others
ii) Myers Briggs Personality Tool – Identify your own preferred communication style, understand how others are different, and what you can do to bridge the gap
iii) Trust and Team Performance – Actively build trust to develop stronger relationships and strengthen your team performance


DATES: 2 FULL DAYS – Dates TBC  9.30am – 5.30pm daily
You can choose to stay overnight at the Q station venue if you want a full retreat getaway without the daily travel, or you can simply arrive every day at 9am (10am start on the first Sunday)
LOCATION: Sydney Quarantine Station, Manly (experience a natural landscape in a national park away from the hustle of the city)

Transfers available daily from the Manly Wharf to the Q Station & plenty of parking available.

*COST: $1,590 (includes all materials, meals and facilities for two days)

– three qualified and experienced facilitators
– two days of cutting-edge training and activities
– all materials (Meditation CD, Journal, worksheets and readings)
– small group – max 16 people
– free on-site parking
– use of facilities incl private beach
– all meals and snacks (dietary needs catered for)

* 50% deposit required for any booking

HOW TO BOOK: Contact Debbie to pay your deposit and secure your place (limited 16 people)
– Any payments made to Zenful Business can be transferable to a friend/colleague
– 50% of any deposit paid is refundable for change of mind or unforeseen circumstances

2 reviews for Zen Business Retreat – 2 Days

  1. Debbie Pask

    3 well spent days. Inspiring material well presented by 3 brilliant women. Loved it, the attendees were a great mix of switched on, generous and lovely people.
    It got me thinking and importantly doing in my business. Geremy Glew, Placed Recruitment

  2. Debbie Pask

    Our participants described our retreat/us as:
    ✺ A beautiful insight into your personal brand and purpose to align your values to the way you present yourself to the world and the work you do. An opportunity to do positive personal reflection which will empower you. Gain tools on restoration and understand the importance of that for best performance and longevity.
    ✺ Insightful, interesting, impactful
    ✺ Insightful, authentic, extremely knowledgeable presenters
    ✺ I’m glad I came, so rewarding!

    What our participants found most valuable in attending our retreat:
    ✺ The mix of theory and practical. The self-reflection was critical to a deeper understanding of what I am, who and why. Practical solutions easy to adopt in a hectic lifestyle.
    ✺ A fantastic way to develop business and personal in a short and very powerful workshop. Fantastic content and presenters.
    ✺ Finding a purpose to live, act, and work with my truth. Having permission to do positive reflection and restoration.

    In what ways will this program create positive change in your life?
    ✺ It has given a great insight for me personally and also professionally in my business. I feel excited to implement the changes and see where it unfolds.
    ✺ Awareness of the complete package of myself in business and how to make ME reflective in all facets. Knowledge of ideas and theory to motivate me and my team. Tips to use in everyday life.

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