workplace wellness event in byron bay

Workplace Wellness Event in Byron Bay

September 4th & 5th 2020 (Friday and Saturday)
Byron at Byron Bay Crystalbrook Resort (click here)
Our 2-day workshop is priced at just $990.
*Includes all training, food and materials for the day, plus access to resort facilities.

  • DAY 1 10:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m.
  • DAY 2  9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.




2-Day Energy Mastery and Productivity Flow @ Work Workshop in Byron Bay

Calling all workplace wellness managers, leaders, and business entrepreneurs that are looking for the most effective ways and tool to sustain workplace performance. You will be able to take the ideas you learn and inject into your organisation as needed to encourage happier and healthier people.  Retaining good quality people who are likely to stay longer in their roles and connect better to their colleagues.

‘ENERGY’ is what gets you out of bed every day, so you can show up in life and at work. GOOD ENERGY underpins WELLNESS and MINDFULNESS and just about everything else.

  • Eco-therapy based tools
  • Mind-Fit practices
  • The 2 Types of FEAR
  • Heart Rhythm Coherence
  • Stillness, Silence and Space
  • Respect and Acceptance
  • Shamanic based personal practices
  • Theming of days and weeks
  • Enneagram Profiling
  • Yin and Yang Balance


“Debbie adds value to my business by seeing things and hearing things from my team that I am unaware of or neglecting. She has an incredible gift for understanding what’s really going in people’s heads and hearts. I have never met someone so good at going from right to left brain as the situation or conversation demands. Debbie helps me strip away lots of noise and get clarity and focus. She is very good at helping me restore balance in my life. She gets to the heart of the matter very quickly, and provides a crystal clear action plan that you know is right.” -Philip Shaw

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