Personal Brand 1 Day Workshop

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Develop your Personal Brand for better performance and flow at work.

This 1 day workshop will give you the questions, reflections, tools and processes to develop your identity and supercharge your career. Using Eastern mindfulness techniques, psychology based reflection and cutting edge business processes – get prepared to go another layer deeper into what makes you tick and how you can articulate your presence into the business world.

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Do you have a clear sense of self and identity at work?

Have you clarified your personal brand?

ZenBookLaunch_PicsbySandra-14Run by Debbie Pask

Understanding yourself (what drives you and how to be powerfully and authentically ‘you’) in the workplace is a critical advantage to how well you perform and the level of connection you have to your work.

This powerful 1 day workshop will assist you to;

  • Clarify your top values and how you can lead with integrity and confidence
  • Piece together your personal identity statement for authenticity and flow
  • Create a healthier and more balanced ‘you’ at work to better connect with the team
  • Propel and utilise your unique talents to further your performance
  • Help you understand your behaviour and drivers and those around you for better communication
  • Get the tools to practice reflection and mindfulness to know and understand yourself deeply

To find that ultimate work-life balance and strength at work, we need to clearly understand who we are (our Personal Brand) so that we can lead from an integrated and powerful place. This 1 day workshop will provide the THEORY to understand how to pull together your personal brand and also the practical exercises and tools to bring it alive.

All materials on the day, handouts and tools provided. Location is the choice of the team; whether onsite or offsite at your preferred location.

Align your personal brand with the business brand for better results
Designed for anyone wanting a more confident, powerful and flowing day to day working life. Facilitated by Debbie Pask, who has developed a unique personal identity and life purpose process, this workshop will lift performance and engagement at a very personal level.

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    You’ve hit the ball out the park! Incredible!

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