Mindfulness at Work

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Find your flow at work using our tips and techniques that work on the three brains;




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Mindfulness and Flow at Work

With our fast paced approach to our working life, with more communications devices and EMF – we need tools and techniques to ensure we remain in flow and tapped into our intuition and personal balance.

This e-book explains the 3 MINDS that we all have and how to integrate all three to work in harmony with your self. I offer “how to” tips to practice to find your intrinsic flow.

Step 1 – Understand how you work on a deep level – your brain, your heart and your spirit

Step 2 – Try some tools to access your energy and flow to give you better performance and a stronger calmer self

My purpose in life is to connect everyone into a deeper sense of flow and consciousness in their day to day business life.

Connect with me debbie@zenfulbusiness.com.au if you want to chat about how to find your own flow.

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1 review for Mindfulness at Work

  1. Rated 2 out of 5

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    Insights, inspiration, and wisdom on mindfulness, meditation, and Zen to help you live with greater peace and joy in your everyday life. This helps pay for the time and money I put in to the create the podcast and helps me continue to create useful and enjoyable content for you each week.

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