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$20.00 / month for 6 months

The Mind-Fit Training with Debbie Pask

Mind Fit was designed for the busy executive who need short, bite-sized practices to master their wild mind chatter. Whether your challenge is over-thinking, conflict with others or anxious thoughts – the Mind Fit training teaches you to master the ninja mind. Calm, still, strategic and focused!  At just $5 per week ($20 month), we have made our weekly practices affordable and accessible. When you sign up , you will receive weekly practices at less than $5, and you can request to cancel at any time.

The Mind Fit Training with Debbie Pask

Debbie Pask developed the Mind Fit practices after thousands of individual personal coaching sessions and has picked the ‘best of the best’ tools to give you the most traction to master the mindset. Having a background in corporate advertising gives Debbie the understanding of how busy the mind can truly get.

If you haven’t yet ACCESSED the FREE 4 week Mind Fit Challenge to start your journey… Click here and get the first 4 weeks at NO CHARGE. Once completed you can opt to continue our journey here.


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