Enneagram Coaching Package


Set of 3 Sessions for 6 weeks

Working with Debbie to deeply understand how you tick every day. Based on the work of Riso and Hudson, the Enneagram is an incredible tool to assist you to understand your psychological and spiritual profile of how you manage survival in the physical world. This drives your behavior and responses to your working life and colleagues.

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“Thank you for booking a coaching session with me! You have just taken a step to supercharge your life.” 

-Debbie Pask

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SESSION TYPE: ENNEAGRAM COACHING Set of 3 Sessions / 6 weeks 

Debbie will help you to work through your type on the Enneagram and:

a) Capitalize on your strengths and natural talents.
b) Resolve blocks and tensions that repeat in your career and working life.

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The aim is to get you into the ‘healthy’ and positive expression of you – personally and therefore professionally. Expect a huge shift and development of your own skills.



Package Includes: All materials, pre-work questions, templates and the 3 session times conducted via Skype.

Fortnightly coaching sessions are done via Skype and you will receive tools and tasks to complete in between to assist you along the way.

Please read below some details about our cancellation policy and terms.


Booking and Cancellation Policy

We know that you value your time and also ours, so we have a couple of rules around appointment cancellation. We are however flexible and will always take into account your individual situation before applying any cancellation fees as we understand that life and Spirit are ultimately flexible!

Less than 48 hours notice of cancellation will incur 50% fee (we will refund the 50% asap if paid upfront)

Less than 24 hours notice will incur the full fee (obviously any emergencies beyond your control will be credited for a future session.)


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