Eco Purpose: Higher Contribution

Eco Purpose: Higher Contribution Coaching Session

– x2 Powerful Coaching Sessions and x1 supporting instructional video

– $490 (+gst)

Work with Debbie to define your ECO-PURPOSE: how you might honour and respect the earth using your unique blueprint.

Ever wondered what your contribution to this planet is? How you can leave this earth better than when you arrived? We all have a unique way of thinking and being, so knowing what your contribution to a higher level is just makes sense.

The Eco Purpose Coaching Session uses a very specialised process, consisting of x2 powerful coaching sessions and x1 supporting video to inform you HOW to tune into and connect to your higher calling or contribution to this planet we live on. It is time to get you deeply thinking and activated so that you join the collective community of people caring about our precious earth and her animals.

Debbie has been working with individuals for over 15 years in the coaching and energy medicine field to assist people in connecting to their purpose and career blueprint. Expect to tune into a much more profound and meaningful (heart-space) space when you truly find out where your place is and how you can make a difference.

Whilst it is recommended you complete the Career Blueprint process first, that is not mandatory. Debbie will use a series of deep questions, a shadow reflection process, and astrology to give you the answers you seek and set you on a path of clarity for the future.
Once your sessions are complete, you can decide to connect to ongoing mentoring with Debbie to create strong and clear actions, alongside uncovering any blocks to moving forward. Please see Debbie’s 12 Week Mentoring Package (Read more)

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