Art of Zenfulness

Learn mindfulness and resilience @work

Do you have the tools to master workplace mindfulness?

This 1 day “east meets west” workshop delivered onsite to your team will give you the latest tools to practice and master the art of mindfulness and creative visualisation so that you and your team have what it takes to thrive in a busy and competitive workplace.

Created and facilitated by Debbie Pask – author of Zenful Business: 11 Models for Peak Performance and Flow at Work – this cutting edge workshop will make a vast difference to the most important asset in your business; the people.

Debbie Pask will teach you the key strategies to master mindfulness at work

Designed for business executives, managers, teams and owners.

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Mindfulness at Work

This 1 day workshop with Debbie Pask will assist your team to master the core principles of Mindfulness for workplace performance.
ZenBookLaunch_PicsbySandra-15Debbie has a corporate background, alongside a degree in philosophy and over 13 years training in meditation and energy coaching. She has mastered the art of mindfulness and meditation for focus and resilience.
Teach your team and self how to use mindfulness practices for improved health and wellbeing, better productivity, enhanced creative thinking and overall resilience at work.




Benefits are;
  • Solve problems creatively and intuitively
  • Connect to the meaning behind your work
  • Access the ‘alpha state’ of thinking to boost your results
  • Learn useful tools to stay calm and vital
  • Manage conflict with greater awareness and resilience

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