$149.00 every 2 weeks for 14 weeks

Spiritual Business Masterminds Group

7 Keys to Mastering the Metaphysics of Business

  • 7 Modules/14 Weeks (7 techniques/7 webinars) every alternate week
  • Accepting inquiries for the next batch. 

Go beyond just meditation and develop a deeper connection to self and the quantum field around you. Designed for business leaders/entrepreneurs seeking to go to the next level (within themselves and also their working life) without spending huge amounts of time and scattered study.



There is a new concept each fortnight with a webinar in between to discuss and connect to a group. (so a webinar fortnightly)
You will be assigned an accountability buddy and also will have access to a personal WHATSAPP group to share ideas.
You can take 1 MAJOR Shadow/challenge in + apply to each module OR you just experience the evolution and see what comes up each fortnight.

Practices and theories are from indigenous concepts, eco-spirituality practices, and eastern psychology relating to the mind. These are all applied to a business context.


  • Deep, deep connection to self and matrix around you
  • Supercharge your business vision, purpose and inner world
  • Deepen your meditation through various styles and techniques (use these in your work)
  • Rapidly advance your spiritual self without blowing too much time in your busy life
  • Make connections with other business like-minded people looking to develop next level up

WHY 7 and what do we cover?
7 Chakras – mapped to business and vision and the below topics…
7 Elements
7 Psychic Senses
7 Polarities
7 Universal Laws
7 Meditation techniques
7 Physical Hurdles


  • ZOOM meetings each fortnight
  • Training delivered via URL/web links
  • WHATSAPP private mentoring group (formed with more than 8 ppl)
  • COST to join – $149 per fortnight (includes all training, zoom meetings, meditations, and private group discussion)