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12-Week Mentoring Coaching Package

Seeking a deeper and more supported approach to your working life? There is a reason why the business world uses 90-Day or 12 weeks plans. Working in these bursts of energy provides enough time to deliver and not too much time to procrastinate!

Debbie’s 6-Session Mentoring Package will give you the commitment, strategic thinking, and actions to meet your outcomes.
– 6 fortnightly sessions with check-ins along the way means you save $50 per session (which gives you more than 1 session free).

Debbie Pask’s 12-week Mentoring Session package assesses in session: #1 the objectives and outcomes you want, then #2 design a program to unlock challenges, open up opportunities, establish your healthy habits and set accountable actions for you to get the most from your sessions.

  • Fortnightly sessions (6 sessions) are considered the best option, however, you can opt for WEEKLY (12 sessions – ‘more focused’) or MONTHLY (3 sessions – ‘more relaxed’) if you want to work at a different pace. Enquire here for the fortnightly (6x), monthly (3x) or weekly (12 x) session options.

Debbie has been working with individuals for over 15 years in the coaching and energy medicine field to assist people in major life transitions, overcoming blocks/trauma and connecting to a deeper sense of meaning and purpose. Read more about Debbie’s background here…

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