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Bespoke experiential retreats designed to clarify vision, purpose and access those deep inner drivers and intuitive powers that exist within us all.

Choose the retreat or training events that best suits your needs:

2-Day Workplace Wellness Event in Byron Bay

  • February 26 & 27 2021 – at Byron at Byron Bay Crystalbrook Resort

Learn the Art of Energy Mastery and Productive Flow at Work
The challenges the western world face with technology, mega-goals, longer working hours and cluttered lifestyles means that we need to cultivate world-class energy and sustainable habits. Mindfulness is NOT enough. Yoga and exercise are NOT enough. What we really need is a paradigm shift in how we think and approach our personal energy and wellness every day.


Shaman in the Boardroom – 3 Days /2 Nights Retreat in Byron Bay

Designed for a leadership team looking to supercharge their results, this 3-Day intensive getaway will infuse ancient and shamanic practices with a modern business structure to establish a more powerful base of thinking, operating and visioning. You will learn the 7 steps to intuitive mastery that will train your mind to think INSTINCTUALLY and CREATIVELY. Move past old limitations and master the art of metaphysical success in the workplace.


Bespoke High Performing Leaders & Entrepreneurs Retreat – 2 Day retreat in Byron Bay

Options are to attend as a small group OR alone with individual one-to-one attention with Debbie Pask as she guides you to the outcomes and transformation you need. Got a serious business challenge on your hand? Lost clarity or focus? Or maybe you are just burnt out from the pace. Come back to yourself and find out what matters most. If you attend as a small group of like-minded leaders, you will harness the power of boutique group energy. Group pricing available.

This 2-day retreat intensive will bring you back to nature to access your magic and to establish a clear vision for yourself and your career or business. Designed for the open-minded and conscious thought leader seeking the serious space to get away, reset and dream up new possibilities. Whether you need to solve a problem, move past a huge setback, dream up new stuff or come back to your intuitive centre for better traction – this retreat will provide you with a unique and bespoke experience to fast forward your evolution. Expect experiential journeys and powerful visions. Contact Debbie for a discovery session on your needs.

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Debbie teaches business leaders and teams how to get into the right head and heart space so they cultivate the energy levels needed to THRIVE at WORK. Life is too short and far too meaningful to burn out at work. Step up and master the skills to be sustainably brilliant. You and your people are worth it.
Using powerful combinations of eastern philosophy, modern-day neuroscience, a degree in philosophy and years of experience in the corporate sector – Debbie will give you the right tools to be MIND FIT, to BURN BRIGHTLY and be SUSTAINABLY brilliant.

Choose a one-off workshop to kickstart your team wellness, or enquire about the 12-Month Program which includes 3 Workshops, 12 Months of Content Coaching and supportive coaching sessions to ensure the tools and skills embed within your organisation.


Resilience & Energy Mastery 1 Day Workshop

Lift the performance of both individuals and the team by teaching the core foundations of energy management, the resilient mindset and how to manage stress and tension in the workplace. This 1-day training will ensure that your team is trained to handle their energy slumps, challenges, and mental stress so that they can burn brightly at work instead of burnout.
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Productivity and Intuitive Flow 1 Day workshop

For high performing teams… learn the different brain wave states for better creative and intuitive flow at work. Drawing from the 4 quadrants of the PHYSICAL, MENTAL, EMOTIONAL, and SPIRITUAL – you will learn what it takes to thrive in your personal and working life so you can perform at your best. Considering energy and personal wellness underpins everything you do and how well you think, this workshop is critical for businesses that rely on people for their trade.
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Harness Your X-Factor 1-Day Workshop

Want to supercharge your performance, sales efforts or productivity? Learn to harness your individual talents and find your own unique purpose to be working at your maximum output. Aside from happy and satisfied teams doing what they enjoy and knowing why, you will also notice improved client relationships and internal communications with everyone playing to their strengths.
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Corporate Meditation and Mindfulness Training Workshop Series

With the latest research into the benefits of meditation, ensuring your team harnesses this powerful tool is one of your most important strategies. Debbie has been teaching meditation for over 10 years and uses several types of meditation styles to match your needs.

This workshop teaches your team three main meditations: i) Moving past business obstacles/stresses ii) Achieving alpha mind flow state which assists creativity and learning iii) Future visualization to supercharge any projects and business goals. Targeting both individuals and groups, this first workshop will set the foundations and follow up workshops will cement and finetune the practice.
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A 1-hour talk designed to boost productivity by teaching how to master resilience, sustain energy and motivation, and avoid burnout at work. Your team will learn how to cultivate a “ninja mind” at work so they can increase both productivity and happiness on the job. Great for incorporating into team planning days, motivational conferences or lunchtime or breakfast education.

Apart from running onsite at your office or a nearby location of your choice, we also offer to host the workshops at the Byron at Byron Crystalbrook Resort Conference Center to ensure you get the full space away from work and to relax and soak up the workshop with full energy. Workshop participants will pay for the accommodation and meals or dinners as the location will be free of use for a day. (image courtesy of