Coaching & Mentoring

Working one-on-one with Debbie will change your trajectory. Her unique style of coaching will be tailored to your individual needs to capitalize on your brilliance and help you to burn brightly in your career or business. Sometimes in business, the path ahead may seem foggy and doubts begin to creep in. Working with Debbie as your coach or mentor will give you clarity on where you are, conviction on the next step forward and absolute certainty in where you are headed. Monthly coaching packages available. Enquire to learn more.

Debbie has been coaching high performers for years including creatives, lawyers, advertising execs, sports coaches, CEO’s, tech companies, Amazon execs, tv presenters, marketing directors, interior designers and more.

Pick the style of coaching you need:

MIND Fit Coaching

The MIND Fit Coaching program will provide clarity on specific problems or challenges that you are facing in business. Often times, as entrepreneurs, business owners or managers, we feel isolated in making decisions, solving problems and keeping things on track. This style of coaching will give you the tools you need to tackle these challenges head-on and find balance and clarity like you’ve never had before.

Inner Purpose and Blueprint Coaching

The Inner Purpose and Blueprint Coaching program will empower you to uncover and own your own brilliance. Debbie will work with you to discover your blueprint, or life purpose, and then translate it into your career. You will gain clarity on the “why” behind the work you do, and then learn how to articulate and sell it. This is the number one priority for an easy and successful working life.

What to expect from coaching with Debbie

  • Solve a problem or challenge you have with a series of intuitive based indigenous tools
  • Move through your fears and struggles quickly yet thoughtfully. Death off the old and ignite the new way forward.
  • Boost your energy & find your inner balance by mastering the yin and yang in your working life
  • Develop your own rituals, wellness plan and habits to help you run at peak performance
  • Master your blueprint and purpose with a unique process tuned into your X Factor
  • Increase confidence and traction by honing your intuitive voice and alpha brain wave state
  • Organise your thoughts and decisions for better clarity and release of stress build up

Speak with Debbie and request your coaching package details