Zenful Coaching MasterClass

12 Weeks of Performance Mentoring with Debbie Pask


Ready to learn the leading edge tools, models, and activities to better lead, inspire and improve the performance of your team and/or clients? 

Tap into Debbie Pask's YEARS of Performance Coaching techniques.


  • Flexible learning in your own time with videos, audio and visual information available 24/7
  • Access a fortnightly personal mentoring session with Debbie Pask to deepen your experience and work on yourself
  • Join the fortnightly webinar with a small connected group to share your ideas and learn from the hive


This 12 Week MasterClass is great for:

  • Managers and Leaders in the workplace seeking cutting-edge tools
  • Business owners that need to collaborate and manage relationships
  • Coaches, Trainers, Wellness practitioners that work with clients daily



If you are a forward-thinking leader, manager or coach/trainer who is always seeking to improve skills and mindset – both psychologically and spiritually - then read the full Master Class description and what is included in this powerful 12-week class.