Business space clearing using Holographic Kinetics

Business Entity Recreation


Did you know that your business or company has its own energy and is a product of its own creation. If you own and run a business, as its owner, you are responsible for the health and wellbeing of the business. Sometimes businesses experience difficulty (poor start, low cash flow, negative business partners and more) and that can impact on the energy and vibration of your business - affecting cash flow, hiring staff, complications with third parties and more. A Business Space Clearing session uses the Holographic Kinetics process whereby you, as the owner, can reset and recreate the energy and intentions behind the business objectives.

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Contact James Pask for more information and what is required to conduct this transformative session today. Costs will vary depending on size, how many business partners and so forth. Basic package starts at $250 for a one person (solo or simple) business operator. 

Business Office Space Clearing


Does your office need a good energy clearing? Can you feel a heavy energy or unsettling vibe in your office that is interfering with the smooth running of your business?

Perhaps you are looking to bring fresh new energies and ideas into a work project or new office space?

In our experience, negative energy from past businesses, employees or even a recent business challenge can create stagnant and stuck energy in your office space. Most people don’t realise that their office environment can be filled with negative energy from colleagues, stress, arguments or lost business. This stagnant energy can create tiredness and fatigue, pulling on your own energy stores.

An office energy clearing will set up the right intentions, energy frequency and vibe in your private space.

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What does the energy clearing involve?


James Pask will use Holographic Kinetics (a form of Aboriginal dreamtime healing) to access the energetic space (time and dimension) of your business residence. Once connected, James will clear and cleanse any negative energy or interference (including thought forms and life forms) from your office space, paving the way for a calm and energised office - alongside a successful business venture.

Expect to hear about what energies have been cramping your space and the history/background of any energy disturbance prior to your move there.

Available worldwide as James will use a 'surrogate' person to work through and on your business.

Costs (including surrogate person) is $300

More information contact or call 0411 752 825