Helping you get serious about your personal purpose 

Giving you clarity and confidence to pursue your dreams and enhance your career

Debbie Pask, Coach
There are many doorways to wealth, so why not walk through the one that excites the hell out of you?" Debbie Pask 2014

Debbie personally transitioned her executive advertising board level career into the coaching and wellness industry after realising that her true passions lay elsewhere. After selling her two companies before the age of 40, Debbie now helps other people (from post HSC to CEO level) to locate their life purpose and translate that into a rewarding career where you love what you are doing and are well paid.

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to float easily through their career and it just seems to fall into place? That’s because when it’s the right thing to do, it’s easy!

Finding your life purpose is a deep process that is highly rewarding, no matter where you are placed in your career. It becomes commercially valuable, as you connect on a personal level to what you love doing.

Life Purpose Work; what does it involve?

A mixture of intuitive personal work and logical commercial actions:

I use 3 steps:

Life purpose process

Establishing your core skills, X factor, talents and personal challenges. These lay the groundwork for your career path.

Astrology natal chart

Mapping the positions of the planets when you were born. This is your blueprint for naturally defining where you should be heading in life.

Career coaching

Creating an action plan that sets in motion your intentions, and gives you tangible activities to complete as part of your journey.


Recommended length: 3 sessions Package

Includes: All materials, pre-work questions, templates and session times (either face-to-face sessions or via Skype depending on location)


Using Debbie’s unique process of blueprint questions, astrology chart review and her career as a business consultant – be prepared to walk away with a clear action plan of what to do and where to go.

What Clients Say

Debbie is AMAZING!!! Her services were a gift from a dear friend and I have to admit it’s the best and most relevant gift I have ever received. I went to Debbie with only one desire and that was to break out of my current career and find the career that would fulfill me; the career I'd be passionate about. I couldn’t pinpoint what I truly desired in a career and I had no idea how to get there, or where to even begin. I was lost. From the first 10 minutes of my initial session with Debbie, I was so energized and excited by possibilities. In a world of so many “No’s” and “I can’t’s” and negative self-talk, Debbie is an oasis of confidence, empowerment, and love. She not only helped me focus my career goals and feel amazing about them but she helped me realize my full potential and why I had been holding myself back from achieving it. Only A few months, and a few sessions, after my first meeting with Debbie, I am solidly on my ultimate Career path, as well as on the path to achieving my true purpose. She is an intuitive, strong, wise, empowering and supportive Professional who not only leads you to discern your career purpose but also strategically and realistically helps you achieve it!
It’s clear she has found her calling, now you just have to let her help you find yours!

Kristen Leigh Conklin, Photographer, Artist and Humanitarian, United States, 2017