Executive Career Coaching to Reach Your Full Potential

I work with executives to break through career blocks, and successfully manage transitions whether internally or externally (here’s how I switched from a corporate advertising role into entrepreneurialism), guiding you to a meaningful and connected career – improving your energy, your impact and your cultural fit within an organisation.

The focus is on making sure you’re satisfied on a deep, personal level – together with giving you confidence and resilience to make the changes you need.

Career Course Correction

Are you feeling lost, bored or uncertain in your current working life? Perhaps you have lost your mojo? Find a new direction or way of seeing things that’s right for you. Involves values and personal identity work.

Manage Stress or Burnout

Executive careers can be taxing. I can help you implement effective wellness strategies and recover from burnout/adrenal fatigue. Having been through this experience myself, I consider myself an expert.

Conflict resolution

Finding a peaceful solution to workplace problems you’re experiencing – whether with an individual, team or on a cultural basis. This deep work goes beyond just the current situation, it looks at what you are attracting and why.

Debbie can help you to work through career blocks or transitions so that you feel satisfied on a deep personal level (intuitive) alongside feeling confident to make the changes you need (logic).

Life Purpose Work - getting in tune with your deep personal purpose to thrive at work (Read more about Life Purpose Work)

Personal Conflict Resolution - letting go of difficult situations or relationships at work

Personal Energy management - managing stress, burnout or just learning the keys to being energised, motivated and mindful in your every day (Read more about Debbie's mindfulness coaching)

Aside from her corporate and small business experience, Debbie has spent years studying mindfulness, teaching meditation, energetic body work and studying astrology, numerology and psychological models and profiling systems to ensure any coaching has an "east meets west" approach.


Take your career and business life to a whole new level. Debbie can help you to work through career blocks or transitions so that you feel satisfied with deep personal level (intuitive) alongside feeling confident to make the changes you need (logic).

Access the mentoring you need today and supercharge your working life.

Set packages are available:

Executive Coaching Package - 6 sessions / 12 weeks or 3 sessions / 6 weeks
Fortnightly coaching session over a period of 12 weeks to focus on a specific outcome for you or your team. Surveys are conducted before and after to measure effectiveness - alongside 360-degree reviews.

Common areas of focus are:
- Stress Resilience or Burnout/adrenal fatigue recovery
- Conflicts - managing difficult relationships with colleagues
- Business Objectives Focus - energetic and psychological mindset mentoring to reach desired/ambitious goals

Fees: please inquire with debbie@zenfulbusiness.com.au

Enneagram Archetype Package - 3 Sessions / 6 weeks 

Based on the work of Riso and Hudson, working through your type on the Enneagram opens up a huge understanding of yourself and how you operate in your career life.



The aim is to get you into the ‘healthy’ and positive expression of you. Expect a huge shift and development of your own skills.

Includes: All materials, pre-work questions, templates and the 3 session times (either face-to-face sessions or via Skype depending on location)

Fees: please enquire with debbie@zenfulbusiness.com.au



Based on the work of Riso and Hudson, the Enneagram is an incredible tool to assist you to understand your psychological and spiritual profile of how you manage survival in the physical world. This drives your behavior and responses to your working life and colleagues.

What Clients Say:

I have worked with Debbie for the past few years as what you would traditionally call a coaching capacity. However, it’s SO MUCH MORE  than that and I feel that it undersells what her work actually is. It’s about who you are and what purpose your professional life brings to your own life and how they interact. It’s about

bringing what’s truly on the inside of you to the outside and manifesting it a very real way that - when it happens - you wonder how it was ever not what it is. 

Debbie’s expertise, guidance and also ruthlessness (in a good way) has led me to be able to get on the path that’s where I always wanted to be. Our monthly catch ups keep me in check in a way that no other colleague or friend can do. 

As a freelancer, there’s not a lot of opportunities to check in with others about your work and where you want to go - how you challenge yourself and your ideas. Working with Debbie gives me that check in that’s needed so that I continue on the path that I want to be on and also challenge myself and ideas that may not be beneficial to me. In the past 3 years, I have doubled my weekly income, found the work I loved to do, created space for my passions and created a life that I really love and am grateful for. I doubt I would have found that inner voice without the work I have done with Debbie. 

-Justine, Filmmaker, Sydney Australia 2017

Your 90-Day Journey to Wellness Starts Today!

Join the Executive coaching program to master your energy and flow

Are you feeling overworked, low on energy, or lacking focus in your career? This Program helps you find the perfect work-life balance! Each plan is tailored for you and what you need and what you'd like to achieve!

  • Channel your inner energy for heightened awareness in your life and career
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your life path and how to apply this insight.
  • Develop long-lasting habits for keeping your mind and body healthy.
  • improve focus and clarity for improved confidence and better decision-making.
  • Learn advanced mindfulness techniques to peel away stress.
  • Reset and improve relationships with friends, family and loved ones.
  • Free your thought processes to communicate feelings better.
  • Open new pathways of consciousness for your true authentic self.