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Business Mentoring and Coaching

I help you find the true ‘Zen’ in your business, by aligning the passion of your heart with the soul of your business. Become a better operator with more balance, energy and focus.

How can I help your business?

Debbie helps business owners find the 'ZEN' in their business. Learn to understand your intrinsic value and translate that into a commercial plan that is simple and effective.

First, using a mindful approach, I help you learn your natural value and personal purpose. This establishes a strong foundation which I translate into a commercial plan for your business. You get a customised mixture of intuitive (Yin) and logical (Yang) sessions to get you plugged in and firing to your full potential:

  • Identifying your life purpose and uniting it with your business
  • Establishing a strong connection to your business so you stay motivated and focused on achieving your goals
  • Opening your mind to new ideas and strengthening your direction
  • Turning creativity into commercially savvy business plans
  • Teaching you mindfulness so you can easily manage stress
  • Focusing your mind for brainstorming proposals, remuneration strategies or marketing plans
  • Unblocking mental barriers to get you back on track with your business
Client Testimonial

3 words to describe Debbie; Smart. Intuitive. Caring.

-Philip Shaw, Global Business Owner



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Client Testimonial

Debbie, you have helped me with:

- Getting into the zone, being highly productive with a focused mindset - before I was easily distracted. 
- Recognizing the necessity for being nurtured to help recharged to maintain my work/life balance.
- Acknowledging 'negative' feelings (as part of me) rather than trying to escape them / snuff them out. 
- Developing my leadership qualities - managing up, planning milestones, team reviews, delegation and conflict resolution
- Formulating a value based blueprint for myself (which is an ongoing work-in-progress)
- Recognizing the importance of developing an identity outside of work 

-Anthony, SEO Digital Strategist, South Africa 2017

Where does Debbie add most value to you or your business?
Seeing things and hearing things from my team that I am unaware of or neglecting. She has an incredible gift for understanding what's really going in peoples heads, and hearts.

I have never met someone so good at going from right to left brain as the situation or conversation demands.

Where have you seen the improvements manifest?
Deb helps me strip away lots of noise and get clarity and focus. She is very good at helping me restore balance in my life.

How would you describe what Debbie does to other people?
Deb gets to the heart of the matter very quickly, and provides a crystal clear action plan that you know is right.

Packages Available

Executive Coaching Package - 6 sessions / 12 weeks or 3 sessions / 6 weeks
Fortnightly coaching session over a period of 12 weeks to focus on a specific outcome for you or your team. Surveys are conducted before and after to measure effectiveness - alongside 360 degree reviews.
Common areas of focus are:
- Stress Resilience or Burnout/adrenal fatigue recovery
- Conflicts - managing difficult relationships with colleagues
- Business Objectives Focus - energetic and psychological mindset mentoring to reach desired/ambitious goals

Fees: please enquire with

Enneagram Archetype Package - 3 Sessions / 6 weeks 

Based on the work of Riso and Hudson, working through your type on the Enneagram opens up a huge understanding of yourself and how you operate in your career life.


The aim is to get you into the ‘healthy’ and positive expression of you. Expect a huge shift and development of your own skills.
Includes: All materials, pre-work questions, templates and the 3 session times (either face-to-face sessions or via Skype depending on location)

Fees: please enquire with

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Debbie's viewpoint on the different types of people in business...

Debbie started her own business at age 27 and sold two of her companies before the age of 40. Running businesses and looking after people is a core passion of Debbie's and she loves to work with business owners on their personal energy, their purpose and their motivation to truly enjoy a business life that is commercially viable.

Most business owners are either

a. Personality A types and need to get more creative, meditative and intuitive so that they can slow down and focus

b. Creative types that find it difficult to get any traction going in their day

c. Somewhere in between a & b and need some coaching to stay balanced and build a strong connected business

Your 90-Day Journey to Wellness Starts Today!

Join the Executive coaching program to master your energy and flow:

Are you feeling overworked, low on energy, or lacking focus in your career? This Program helps you find the perfect work-life balance! Each plan is tailored for you and what you need and what you'd like to achieve!

  • Channel your inner energy for heightened awareness in your life and career
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your life path and how to apply this insight.
  • Develop long-lasting habits for keeping your mind and body healthy.
  • Improve focus and clarity for improved confidence and better decision-makingLearn advanced mindfulness techniques to peel away stress.
  • Reset and improve relationships with friends, family and loved ones.
  • Free your thought processes to communicate feelings better.
  • Open new pathways of consciousness for your true authentic self.