Britta Van Dyk


Britta is one of three facilitators for the Zen Business Retreat workshops we run several times a year

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My Essence: My favourite word is exuberance: I love to be immersed in the moment, fully experience and express with all my senses and intuition, the richness of life. This is tempered by a deep love of the natural environment, its beauty and sustenance.

My Mantra:

Respect that which sustains us

My Style:

My purpose is to connect people to their essence, to enable them to tune-in, take responsibility and lead themselves and others sustainably. I help people to learn about themselves, others, the dynamic interplay between these, and how to ensure they have the most positive, evolving impact in their intentions and actions.

How I work with you:

  • Fully present, with deep awareness in the moment – I hold the space with you wherever you are right now
  • Explorative and receptive – curious and open, co-creating the journey with you
  • Intuitive and visionary – inquiring about, seeing and communicating the bigger picture, making subtle connections; clarifying your desired goals and outcomes and helping you get there
  • Accepting, non-judgement, supportive – you are an intricately woven collection of genetic and experiential threads, a rich tapestry of a human life, whose fabric strengthens and colours deepen with every moment… I work with 100% acceptance and appreciation of that
  • Courageous and honest, I reflect what I sense going on; challenge your assumptions and your ‘stories’

My Quirky stuff:

I’m spiritual in a non-conventional way, you could say it’s somewhere between Paganism and Buddhism. I have a deep connection to and respect for the nature of everything – Earth, Moon, Sun, Universe and the interconnectedness of all. I am both practical and metaphysical in my beliefs.

I’m an avid writer of poetry, to satisfy my creative expression and for the pleasure of family and friends.

Yoga and meditation keep me steady and present, I’ve been practicing yoga for 20 years and incorporate mindfulness and yoga in my work.

My Blueprint or Passion:

I’m deeply passionate about how we sustain ourselves and each other, which means understanding the connection between microcosm (inner environment of ourselves) and macrocosm (the environment around us). You are what you think/believe. In nurturing the microcosm and its connection with the macrocosm, we fortify our individual and collective longevity.

My Offer:

I inspire people to evolve professionally and personally, especially in learning to consciously lead yourself through life, externalising your purpose. A lot of development is about leadership: learning to be effective intrapersonally and interpersonally, to forge a path you desire or aspire to.

Integrated Leadership is ultimately about attending to and becoming aware of your impact, on yourself and your environment/people around you, and being motivated to use that awareness to be more present, connected, effective, and fulfilled in what you do.

The work I do with people:

  • Individual coaching for personal transitions in business, career, performance and personal development
  • Group facilitation of leadership and team development, professional skills and interpersonal skills
  • Leading and engaging diverse groups in strategic planning and problem solving
  • Chairing and facilitating board and executive leadership team meetings

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My Story:

My dad often quotes my creativity and curiosity about life with the way I changed the words to a nursery rhyme at age 3: “Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder Britta here?”

From a very young age, I’ve been fascinated by people. What makes us tick? Why do we do the things we do? How can we have such pain and such joy in life as a result of our interactions with others? Why are we here? What are we here to do? And ultimately, how can we grow, evolve, and be a positive force in this life?!

These questions plagued me as I struggled in my own interactions growing up. I was always ‘a bit different’, didn’t fit into the established norms of white middle class suburban Sydney. I got in with the wrong crowd, got into some bad habits, fell out with my mother and left home at 16 and moved into an even more destructive environment. Luckily, I had also been accepted to Newtown Performing Arts High School, where I cultivated a creative spirit in drama and poetry, and started to nurture self-belief, understanding and acceptance, which continues to be a journey for me. I started to thrive, made better decisions, and made it through the pain of adolescence.

It’s also no surprise I later ended up studying Psychology, specifically individual and collective learning, development and performance at work. On average most people spend a third of their day “at work” in some way, so it is a vital aspect of being human, our productive selves. But the biggest question of all was always about leadership – how do we continually learn and evolve in leading ourselves and others through this life? How do we take responsibility for ourselves?

The Age of Full Throttle – Duality

My questions and my curiosity about life and this deep need to experience everything (both a blessing and a curse) took me overseas. I spent 12 years in London, The Hague and various parts of Scotland, a time marked by rapid professional development, marriage, divorce and burnout.

I did my Masters degree in Organisational Psychology whilst working for a consultancy, travelling all over the Northern Hemisphere developing leaders in different professional fields, businesses and cultures. My work went truly global when I got a job as an internal learning professional for Shell. As exciting as this was, I felt this duality, a sense I wasn’t being true to myself, that I was missing something deeper and more fundamental in my life purpose. My outer confidence was growing, but my inner compass felt off course. It troubled me deeply.

I experienced everything of the human condition. My inner searching led me to realise I shouldn’t be with the man I married.  This felt like failure, and I was in a lonely place as I decided what to do.  It took a long time and being very ill with an intestinal ulcer to be brave enough to move on, but this sense of failing myself and others didn’t leave me, and while excelling professionally I worked myself into burnout.

The Age of Consciousness – Union

During this time I developed a conscious awareness of who I am and what’s important in life; an awakening of my true self.  Burnout has been the most valuable gift of my life.  I was on medical leave for 4 months, which for someone who has always had their identity firmly rooted in achievement, this was rock bottom.

I had to stop and allow others to take over and take care of me. I had no choice but to receive. I’d spent so much of my energy developing others, tapping into and working with their needs towards a positive outcome, I hadn’t fully appreciated my own. I have SO many wonderful people in my life who helped me to discover this and be truly present. I learned the power and necessity of reaching out and connecting with others.

My need to experience, discover and learn eventually came into its own too. I was determined to understand my situation in a positive way. These traits led me to leave Shell, live in a local village in India for 3 months as the sole volunteer setting up a community driven sustainable health project (of which I’m now the president) and move back to Australia to be more connected to my family and our deep care for environmental sustainability. I have integrated what’s fundamental to me, my sustainability, with how I help others in the work that I do.

My Clients Say:

“Right from the planning outset she thought well and hard about the format and content of the day so as to gain the best possible process and results from this rare and coveted time together for our Board of Directors.

Britta consulted well to make sure she was adapting her plans to meet the needs of our group. I appreciated that she bothered to call each participant before the workshop enabling each of us to voice any concerns and possibly lay some personal irritations to rest before our planning day commenced.

Throughout the day, Britta was able to provide an insightful comment or bring us back to task or focus. I appreciated her applying her intelligence and life experience to our project and process.

It was a day that took us forward in a leap and a bound and Britta directed us beautifully. 

Britta provided her skills and expertise lovingly and generously. She laid out the day carefully and thoughtfully and guided us professionally, attentively and firmly through our process, relationships and outcomes.

She paid careful attention to where we were in any moment and was totally present for us”

Lyndall Parris, Founder and Director of Narara Eco-Village.

“It was an absolute pleasure to meet you today. You are clearly passionate about your field of work and this was openly demonstrated by your knowledge, enthusiasm and utmost professionalism. You managed to take me from being half asleep to being completely engaged and truly enjoying myself. Thank you very much….and thank you for partaking in the “out of scope” discussions – much appreciated!”

Wayne Adams, Manager of Safety, Quality and Healthcare, HCF

 “I didn’t get a chance to talk to you today, but wanted to make sure I let you know how fabulous i thought you were in the Covermore Leadership course. Your unfailing professionalism and sense of calmness you exuded was really appreciated by me as well as your vast knowledge”

Chris Jones, Covermore Travel Insurance

“Alissa was telling me of some of the impacts that the I&E have had in the corporate office.

The Accounts team used to be a quiet team that didn’t communicate very well and she said you can see and hear the difference since participants have been on the program, they are communicating better and have a comradely feel that they didn’t have prior.

When she was out this week with another finance team manager promoting the program and there was some participants from the June program in the meeting. They were talking about the benefits etc. and one of the managers of the participants that was in the room stood up to share with everyone positive changes this staff member had made since the program. Talked about their increased competence in communicating effectively, presentation skills, coaching and called out blue behaviours they were now demonstrating. Following that meeting Louise received emails from staff members requesting their manager nominate them for the next programs.

She asked me to pass this onto you Britta for your great facilitation skills.”

Natasha Oldaker, Project Manager Maximus International.

My qualifications

  • Chartered Organisational Psychologist (British Psychological Society)
  • MSc in Occupational Psychology
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Executive Coaching
  • Certificate in Advanced Facilitation Skills
  • Human Synergystics LSI and GPI 360 degree feedback tools
  • A myriad of psychometric tools for profiling and assessment

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