About Debbie Pask


“You can never solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it” - Einstein


What I do?

I am a lot of things. I have done a lot of things. I have come a long journey. But my personality and life should be defined by my passion and inner desire to unlock the potential that is locked in all human beings, particularly those in the corporate world.I have been called a lot of professional names. Some have called me a mentor, coach, consultant, and intuitive guide. They were not far from the truth. However, I would like to believe that I am much more than that because of what I have to offer.

My purpose is to revitalize the energy of corporate leaders, decision-makers, and all those in high positions in the management food-chain. I teach and show executives how to tap into their Yin-Yang energy and awaken the best possible version of themselves.

A person is only in the zone if s/he manages to strike a perfect balance between the Yin and the Yang energies.



The Yin part focuses on the natural blueprint of each person. The Yin energy is the creative giant in you. It’s what gives you new ideas and the desire to conquer the world.


The Yang energy is the action to your thoughts. This is the drive that takes your idea from being a concept into something practical and useful. These two energies are the two sides of the same coin.

The techniques I use are not your usual and conventional methods. I use a hybrid approach of effective methods from both the east and the west.

My journey to being a highly intuitive performance coach has not been a straight one. It has a couple of twists and turns. It is these twists and turns that made me realize that there was a need to work with people and help them to search deep into themselves and discover the true limits of their potential.

I have discovered that the mind and energy are powerful tools that can propel a person beyond the skies. Our limits as people lie in our inability to tap into the combined hidden power of the mind and the heart.

My experience as a coach comes from my formal education, training, working, and real-life experiences with people. My Degree in Philosophy goes a long way in teaching me how to think, analyze and go deeper. I have partaken in several training programs including:

Advanced Enneagram Training

one of the most effective psychological and spiritual profiling systems to self-mastery

Trained in Astrology and Numerology

to identify influencing factors in your blueprint

Trained in Psych-K

which tackles deep subconscious beliefs holding people back

Studied indigenous wisdom and universal lore

including working with a well-known problem-solving tool called The Medicine Wheel

On the professional front, I am a former board director of one of the biggest advertising agencies in Australia at the time.

Perhaps it is my consultancy role from 2003 – 2012 that led to my true calling of being a performance specialist. I was the founder and owner of Adtopia, a consulting firm. The firm had clients from Australia, New Zealand, UK, and UAE (Dubai). Our greatest tasks involved turning around poorly performing companies, analyzing people, business culture, communications, and roles. Some of our notable clients included Toyota, Telstra, Amex, Foxtel, Saatchi and Saatchi, Campaign Palace, BWM, Clemenger BBDO, Leo Burnett, and George Patterson.

The purpose of it all was to guide me into my current profession. I saw and learned what was holding people back and hindering them from being where they should truly be. This observation, my passion for people, education, and training made me realize my worth as a human would be to combine all in order to service individual human beings.

My Quirky Stuff

Most indigenous cultures use animal totems (symbolism) to align their gifts with. I connect deeply with this idea and use this to develop my working style. Here are my three animal totems:-

Air / Phoenix


Rising from the ashes it symbolises death & rebirth; a letting go of the old and transitioning to the new.

Sea / Whale


Dreaming your own song or story; feeling free to dream and create the things that bring you into flow and connect with the heart.

Land / Cheetah


Fast paced and instinctive; the cheetah creates a clear focus or passion and bolts quickly in the direction of what is most crucial.

Tools & Processes I Employ

Life Purpose Process

establishing your blueprint and purpose to live a better life

Yin & Yang balance

to ensure any life decision combines both perspectives and you stay balanced in creativity and logic

Transitional shadow work

helping people death and rebirth old parts of themselves so that they can grow their inner power and confidence to make big leaps forward

Mindfulness Techniques

building awareness and alpha flow in everyday life to think, decide and act with more presence

Intuitive Problem Solving Tools

bringing chaos back to order and helping people become un-stuck with indigenous and spiritual based resolution tools

ACT & Witness Techniques

using ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy) and Witness/Observer tools to master the mental chatter and access a higher level of conscious thought

Enneagram Work

Using the Wisdom of the Enneagram (Hudson and Riso work) – a psychological assessment of the 9 personality types to help understand yourself (your needs and fears) on a deeper and very personal level.

Wealth Dynamics Profile

Using Roger Hamilton’s dynamic profiling system to ascertain your easiest pathway to business success.

Business Consulting and Advertising processes

utilising my vast career of business and advertising to structure, plan, vision and make commercial any career plans.

Numerology and Astrology

 using universal planetary shifts and numerical codes to help you better understand your own personality traits, behaviours and life transition


removing limiting beliefs from your subconscious mind through a cutting edge technique as recommended by Dr Bruce Lipton (cellular biologist) in his book “The Biology of Beliefs”.

Energy Meridian Work & Meditation Therapy

using the ancient Indian knowledge system of the chakras (energy meridians) to link any mind body effects of stress, conflict and indecision & using my background of meditation and visualisation teaching to help you focus, manifest and calm the mind using meditation therapy.

My Clients Say

A beautiful, intuitive, supportive spirit is Debbie Pask but what turned me on to her was the fact that she has a deep understanding through her own life experiences of the highest highs of the corporate environment to goddess in the spiritual realm. Whilst her courses assist you in finding your own inner guidance

Robert Bonnick


Debbie is a very rare mix of a being a very commercially astute person / spirituality attuned / all-round special individual. In the 2 years I have been working with Debbie as my business coach I have achieved projects that in the past I would have only dreamed of. I have refereed clients, family and friends to Debbie without hesitation as she is a very special person and it’s amazing what you can achieve with her in your corner

Geremy Sydney

I have been working with Debbie for over a year now, and in this time she has helped me improve the systems, processes, and operational areas within the business, improve cash flow issues and set a clear purpose and strategic plan

Fiona Scicluna